When the war is over

Life really is becoming a war on the home front. Over recent years we have all become over-exposed to the horrors of war. From Iraq, to Afghanistan, to Syria, to the often quoted war on terror.

War artifacts

Yet, none of those affected so many people here at home. I think it is fairly accurate to describe the country as being on a war footing now. We have an invisible killer amongst us that is capable of wreaking more havoc than a weapon of mass destruction’.

it seems we are approaching what could be the most frightening part of the pandemic. The time when deaths rise exponentially. The news will be full of scary stories about the increase and most of the public will be frightened. Yet I think there will be two distinct categories of people who will not be frightened.

  • The scientifically well-informed who have expected this sharp rise.
  • The ignorant who are completely oblivious to what is happening all around them, or simply don’t care.

The news this morning is suggesting that the ‘lockdown’, which is more like ‘lockdown light’ at the moment, will be extended until June 2020. My gut reaction is we will see the ‘lockdown’ measures both extended and the consequences for breaching those measures ramped up significantly. The first few people caught and punished will be made an example of. I’m not suggesting the Police will go to war against the people, but simply early cases will be highly publicised to ‘send a message’. As someone who would describe himself as a Libertarian, this goes against all my natural instincts, but with freedom comes responsibilities. We each have to consider the public good and these measures at first glance at least, appear to be proportionate to the threat we face.

What we do need to ensure is the restrictive measures being placed on the population remain only for the time they are absolutely necessary and do not become the new normal.

Living next to a main road I know that people are flouting the restrictions we currently have. Quarter to three in the morning is not a shopping trip and appears to be an unusual time for a shift change. However, several cars passed my home around that time. (No, I don’t think they were unmarked Police cars.) I can only hope they were emergency medics who had been called out because if they were deliberately flouting the restrictions, then they could and I would say should, face the consequences.

Today’s COVID-19 casualty stats show 12 new cases in my county.

Total UK Cases of COVID-1919,522
Total UK Deaths1,228
Total cases in my county81

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