The year has kicked off

New Year seems a long time ago, yet it has only been five days. Unlike last year it seems to have started at quite a pace, with lots of new ideas for new projects hitting me. The big problem I face at the moment if prioritising them and deciding which I will commit my resources to. It is an age old problem people have faced since the dawn of time, yet, at the start of each year I go through the same old process of self-evaluation. I get introspective, thinking about what I have achieved over the previous twelve months and looking at what I didn’t get done and the reasons why. For the most part, things that didn’t happen, didn’t happen for a reason I can accept. A very small minority, I simply didn’t get around to something or forgot it completely. (Can’t have been that important if I’d done that.)

You get what you always got, if you do what you always did

I’m not sure I totally agree with that. After all the world becomes a very different place as each year goes by. The world continues to shift around us and it is how we respond to these changes that can make the difference between success and failure.

However, this year, unlike the last, the people of the UK have every reason to look forward with optimism. This is the year when we shed the shackles of the European Union, that superstate we never voted to join. As a sovereign nation we can start taking our place on the worldwide playing field once again.

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