The restrictions ramp up

The restrictions have been ramped up today. North Yorkshire Police have introduced vehicle checkpoints to exercise new powers, questioning drivers why they are outside instead of staying at home.

That particular measure doesn’t sit well with me. My grandparents generation fought for six years so we would not be stopped in the street and asked for our papers. However I think the figures speak for themselves so it is a measure we’re just simply going to have to put up with for a while. The question is, for how long?

Restrictions - Protective Mask

It has been another lovely sunny day and I would loved to have been out in the hills enjoying it, but common sense dictated that once I had completed the essential tasks in my life that I retreated back indoors. I simply cannot afford to get this virus or be put in a position where I will have to self-isolate.

Today’s casualty stats show 31 new cases in my county.

Total UK Cases of COVID-1914,543
Total UK Deaths759
Total cases in my county56

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