Staying in on a sunny day

It is glorious outside. A nice bright sunny day and that warm Spring feeling. Any other time I would be off to the forest in a heartbeat. But… the forest is closed. I read earlier today that Forestry England have closed the forest and are instructing people not to visit.

That is a shame.

Sunny Day Staircase

Whenever I visit there, I tend to go to clear my head. That means I’m walking the trails and paths on my own, just soaking up the positive vibe I get from being surrounded by nature. I always come back in a much better frame of mind, even when it’s not a sunny day. However, sunny days make for an even sunnier disposition.

Staying in for me goes against all my instincts, but it seems the Police are now dealing with people who are ignoring the restrictions. I find I have to keep myself busy and couch surfing simply is not an option. In order to do that I’ve gone back to a writing project I had set aside some time ago. So I have spent much of the day so far rooting through newspaper archives. As I’m the only one in the house I can end up losing hours doing that. I end up following a particular story through to its conclusion across several newspapers. I particularly like Victorian era news. The language they use is so verbose it is amazing they delivered the industrial revolution.

Just heard the news that 252,000 people have volunteered for the NHS. That is a fantastic effort and behind each volunteer is a network of family and friends. (However, we must make sure the use of volunteers does not become the normal to replace professional paid positions.)

Today’s casualty stats show 7 new cases in my county.

Total UK Cases of COVID-198,077
Total UK Deaths422
Total cases in my county18

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