Queueing – The new normal

Queueing. It has become part of our daily lives hasn’t it? Retail outlets have started limiting the number of people allowed to be the shop at any particular time and inevitably it is causing tailbacks at the front door.

Queueing signs

Mostly people are still remaining good humoured about it and keeping the required 2 metres away from eachother. Strangers are striking up conversations and talking about their lives. (It’s amazing what you can hear if you really listen 🙂 )

This seems to be becoming the new normal. Queueing for the basics. For those that can remember the cold war era, it is very similar to the pictures we were shown of supermarkets in East Germany and Poland during the 1970s. I had thought the supply chains were re-balancing. I think to a certain extent they are, yet people still seem to be buying the maximum permitted number of products, often of the strangest things. How many tins of shoe polish do people actually need?

One good thing I did see today was someone started moaning about queueing to a member of the shop staff. The moaning was starting to increase in intensity when people behind this person in the queue firmly put them in their place and defended the work of the shop assistant. There was no violence, no harsh words, just firm sentiment being expressed. The moaner quickly shut-up and looked embarrassed.

However, looking around you can pick the worried faces out in the crowd. There are people who are wearing scarves over their faces. I’m not sure what level of protection, if any, that would provide, but if it gives them an element of peace of mind without them becoming complacent, it can’t be a bad thing.

Today’s casualty stats show 13 new cases in my county.

Total UK Cases of COVID-1917,089
Total UK Deaths1,019
Total cases in my county69

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