Not another manic Monday – Still under lockdown

Well, Boris is out of hospital but no word yet as to whether he is back at work. As I sit, Monday morning has come around and the figures passed a dark marker yesterday. Over 10,000 deaths have now been recorded by hospitals. It’s a sombre time.


The food shops now seem to have rebalanced their supply chains and the number of products missing from shelves has dropped dramatically. Despite most of them being closed yesterday due to it being Easter, people visiting the smaller shops seemed to be back in good spirits. Meanwhile my local supermarket has introduced a one-way system in the store and it is actively being managed by the staff on duty. The cynical part of me wonders whether that is an effective measure to prevent cross-infection, or whether it is designed to force people down an aisle they wouldn’t normally go to in the hope they would pick up products they didn’t know they need? I suppose only the people who made the decision to introduce the one-way system really know the answer.

On a Monday, sunrise is my favourite time. It’s the start of the day, a new start to a week. Everything is reset and you get to do it all over again. It is a chance to take stock, to set new goals and targets and look towards a new endgame. There is every reason to remain optimistic and keep on pushing on, taking each day one at a time.

So here’s to dusting ourselves off. Forgetting last week and looking forward to the week ahead. We all need to keep staying safe in order to beat this damn virus.

Today’s COVID-19 casualty stats show 48 new cases in my county, since I last wrote here.

Total UK Cases of COVID-1984,279
Total UK Deaths10,612
Total cases in my county566

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