Missing Persons – A New Direction

Walking - Missing

In the UK, upto 275,000 people are reported as being missing every year.

Think about that figure, that is over a quarter of a million people who disconnect from their normal daily lives. Some find their way back, some are discovered as being deceased, others remain missing.

The pain and worry caused to individuals’ loved ones is both obvious and immeasurable.

It is not uncommon for teenagers, pushing the boundaries, stopping out with friends and pursuing a hedonistic lifestyle. However, the cases that really interest me are the longer term missing persons.

Recently I read an article that said if someone was missing for 28 days, they were regarded by the state as being “long term missing”. The article was unclear as to what this meant. Was it simply a label? A different tag on the case file? Did it mean the Police were then able to downgrade their investigation and redeploy resources committed to the case? It didn’t say.

However, one thing we can be very clear about is the pain, suffering, angst and worry continues for the relatives and friends of the person who has vanished from their lives.

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