Looking forward, not back

It is rapidly approaching that time of year again, when people start looking back over the previous twelve months. I’d like to look forward to the next twelve.

It certainly has been an eventful few months. I’ve not made the progress I had wanted to in a number of areas of my life and need to re-establish a focus on my goals in the coming year if I’m going to move forward in life. Whilst many of my goals will be meaningless to most people this year I have decided to do things differently to previous years. Rather than simply deciding on New Year’s Eve with a few resolutions that are normally forgotten in January, I’m actually going to write things down this year. I’ll keep this list so it is visible every day to keep me focused and reminding myself I need to make progress, no matter how small, every day.

I want to add a lot more content here, particularly on the events from history front, but most of my other goals and activities will be in the offline world. Once again, I find myself moving forward by spending less time online and more time out in the real world. I want to cut my screen time dramatically unless of course it is to do with writing.

To aid my progress I have also bought a digital recorder for note-taking “on the go”. That should solve some of my problems where I think ‘I’ll make a note of that later’. I’ll be able to capture ideas as they hit me. Fingers crossed that will work.

So here’s to setting goals, forward planning and ticking items off the list as when they are achieved.

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