Let’s all have a BBQ this Saturday

Person cooking on a BBQ

If you’re like me you’ve probably had enough of staying in and only going out for essentials. As someone who always found great comfort in going to the forest, I badly miss the outdoors. One thing I always associated with the outdoors is camping, and with camping comes campfires. The tradition of gathering around the fire, talking and telling stories is a long standing one. But what is the urban equivalent? It is the humble BBQ.

Now a BBQ normally requires a gathering of family or friends. In these crazy days, that’s out of the question. So why don’t we all have a mass lone BBQ where we all set the coals alight in our own gardens at the same time?

Chuck some sausages or steaks on the plate, grab a few beers, sit out and watch the stars come out. What could be better during these trying times?

Today’s COVID-19 casualty stats show 45 new cases in my county.

Total UK Cases of COVID-1933,718
Total UK Deaths2,921
Total cases in my county165

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