It is time for enforcement

People working within law enforcement have been criticised in the news today for being over-zealous in their application of new laws relating to the CORVID-19 pandemic. Policing is all about a balancing act if public consent is to be maintained.

I am starting to question whether enforcement is going far enough. We’re all aware of the restricted hours that retails outlets are now opening, yet over the past few nights I’ve seen traffic out on the roads. I’m not talking lorries or vans delivering essential supplies, but privately owned cars.

What essential journey would be taking place at quarter to three in the morning, or twenty past four? I’m struggling to find a reason. I don’t think they can be people travelling to and from work as the timing is so random. I don’t think it will be people getting essential medication as I don’t know of any pharmacy open twenty-four hours. I seriously doubt someone was on a mercy mission for a vulnerable person when the music pumping out of the car was loud enough to rattle your windows.

So where could these young lads be going and more importantly, why are they travelling in the middle of the night? Being out at that time makes them easy to spot and the Police could pull their cars over to establish the facts. I’ve not heard of that happening in my county, yet.

We’re told the pandemic is still building up to a peak here in the U.K. and the government is preparing the public for the death rates to increase. It is a pain having to stop at home all the time in our gilded prison cells but if that is what we have to do in order to defeat this virus and keep our families safe, let’s do it. It’s only a matter of weeks, or a few months of over lives. If we want to see many more of them we have to stop the inter-household spread of the virus itself.

Today’s COVID-19 casualty stats show no new cases in my county.

Total UK Cases of COVID-1925,150
Total UK Deaths1,789
Total cases in my county100

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