In The Woods

Night Wind and Rain

A Night Visit To Upper Weardale

There are two great dales in the County of Durham; Teesdale and Weardale. I always think of Teesdale as the ...
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The Forest

Back in the forest

This morning I was back in the forest. Working a night shift the previous day meant I arrived home early ...
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Emelies outdoor adventures

Emelie shows us how to make eco-friendly firestarters

Emelie's Outdoor Adventures is a channel that allows us to join one Swedish lady's journey into learning about nature, bushcraft ...
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Misty Forest

Another early morning in the forest

Despite being really tired after working through the night, today I headed off to the forest. unsplash-logoTobias Tullius The country ...
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Tree stump being reclaimed by the forest

A trip to the forest on a sunny day

I spent much of this afternoon in the forest today. It was a boiling hot day so a trip out ...
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Field view

The heat of summer arrives

It finally came this weekend. The sunshine of Summer. At least Summer finally appears as though it has arrived. Winter ...
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Earliy Morning near Hamsterley

An early morning trip to the forest

Over recent weeks I have been spending a lot of time in the forest. Much of that is during the ...
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