In The Hills

Country Lane at Night

Driving the country lanes at night

A couple of days ago I was struggling to settle in for the evening at home, so I decided to ...
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Look Up To The Sky

Time to Look Up

As the Summer draws to a close, the nights are becoming darker. That makes it the perfect time to start ...
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RRH Staxton Wold

Staxton Wold

Nestling, quite inconspicuously in the Yorkshire Wolds, is Remote RADAR Head Staxton Wold. It is a RADAR facility operated by ...
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Night Wind and Rain

A Night Visit To Upper Weardale

There are two great dales in the County of Durham; Teesdale and Weardale. I always think of Teesdale as the ...
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Moorland view

Wandering the moors

Today I spent a bit of time on the moors. The county where I live has quite a variety of ...
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