I’m going slightly mad as the lockdown continues

I don’t know what other people are feeling, but I’m going mad with this lockdown. I never thought isolation would affect me so much as I’ve always been self-sufficient when it comes to keeping busy.

Mad Hatter

The trouble is, all my ‘keeping busy’ stuff relies on being outdoors.

Whilst I’m sure I’m better placed than many, (at least I can go to work), not being able to go out on my off days is having a profound effect on me. To say it’s driving me mad would not be an overstatement.

No trips to the hills. No trips to the forest. The reservoir is out. Even under the slightly ‘relaxed’ lockdown rules, all of those places are too far away from my place for me to be able to argue the point if I get stopped by the Police after my number plate gets scanned and it comes up that I’m not very ‘local’.

I suppose it doesn’t help that the TV stations are broadcasting near constant reminders about everyone having to stay at home.

Friends can only put up with so much of my mad rantings bemoaning the loss of liberty and freedom to go where I want. Yes, I do see the bigger picture and understand we’ve all got to dig in and follow the guidance. I’m not suggesting breaking the rules. However, living on my own, I’m finding the isolation tough to get through. That started me thinking about people who the isolation isn’t just a lockdown measure, but a way of life. Walking past a row of pensioner bungalows I saw an old guy sitting at the window, just watching the world go by. I don’t know if he saw me, but how long has he been doing that? Is that his life under normal circumstances? Does he get out or have people visit during ‘normal’ times? It makes you wonder doesn’t it?

That said, I’m off to stick the kettle on for yet another mug of tea.

Today’s COVID-19 casualty stats show 83 new cases in my county, since I last wrote here.

Total UK Cases of COVID-19,133,495
Total UK Deaths18,100
Total cases in my county1,027

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