Easter Saturday in lockdown – another day inside

It is the Easter weekend. Good Friday has been and gone, and we’re now into Easter Saturday. I am at home and once again, I’ll not be leaving my house today.

Frankly, it’s getting to be a bit of a grind but the Government figures still show that their lockdown policy, even though I hate it, is necessary.

Easter - Weardale Sign

As a Libertarian it goes against everything I believe in, within a ‘normal’ society. However, freedoms come with responsibilities so that means another day indoors.

Ordinarily, over the Easter weekend I head up the Durham Dales. If the weather is fine, it can be packed with visitors and lots of motorcyclists exploring the moorland roads. I prefer to park up, grab my pack and head off into the woodlands or wander the moorland trails. I used to do that, a lot, but since I got an ankle injury I missed a whole year of walking and my range remains very limited now compared to before that day. But I can still get photographs from my car, if I am allowed to go there.

Clearly this weekend we are not.

So my day started off with a mug of tea and flipping through photographs of trips I have taken. I’m not sure if I’m reliving great memories or if I’m simply torturing myself with times gone by.

Hopefully once we’re out on the other side of this pandemic, I can get back into the countryside and start enjoying it again.

In the meantime, it’s time to steal ourselves and slap on that smile each day. We may not be able to meet up with friends and family face to face, but a smile from a stranger can work wonders.

Today’s COVID-19 casualty stats show 222 new cases in my county, since I last wrote here.

Total UK Cases of COVID-1970,272
Total UK Deaths8,958
Total cases in my county482

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