Early Sunday Morning at the Forest

Early on the way to the forest

It is Sunday morning here in the UK and I am at my keyboard early, it’s just gone. Normally I would be heading out to the forest. It is my favorite place to be, my haven if you like.

It doesn’t matter what day I visit, there is always something different to see or hear. That could be down to a different time of day, of a different weather system moving in or even just a different time of year. If you sit quietly and look and listen, you’ll be amazed at what nature provides, right on our very own doorstep.

So in these trying times I am finding it increasingly difficult to abide by the Government instructed lockdown and stay indoors. I really feel for people who live in small flats in a city, with no garden. It must be truly awful for them, especially if there are a number of children in the home who need occupying.

The BBC are broadcasting a report from Italy where authorities are saying the lockdown has started to have a positive effect and that the rate of deaths there is slowing due to people observing social-distancing. We can take hope in their figures I think, if and it is a big if, they caught it early enough.

Today’s COVID-19 casualty stats show 61 new cases in my county.

Total UK Cases of COVID-1947,806
Total UK Deaths4,934
Total cases in my county260

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