Creeping on – the virus keeps on spreading

Daily life continues – if different

The spreading of COVID-19 is creeping on here in the U.K. Confirmed cases in my home county are up 57% so it looks as though the infection curve is steepening.

As for life in general, where I live is relatively quiet. People are going to and from the shops but the parks are very quiet and traffic on the roads remains very light even though it is a Sunday.

People appear to remain concerned and panic, thankfully, does not appear to have set in just yet.

Supermarkets finally seem to be acknowledging that there is a huge problem for ‘key workers‘ who are on fixed shifts. Most of the publicity only seems to focus on National Health Service employees, but there are far more key workers in the country that those providing medical services. In fact, the term ‘key worker‘ is much further reaching than most people would think. I can’t help but think if people will be creeping in to shops during hours being reserved for NHS staff.

With Gyms, Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants and Cultural Venues all shutdown, I am guessing the latest categories of products that people will panic-buy will be alcoholic beverages. No doubt the beer, spirits and wines aisles will be stripped bare over the coming days and weeks. That’s a bit sad really. They’re hardly the essentials of life are they?


A new development today was a Government minister reportedly mentioning that the country may go into lockdown, albeit, reluctantly on their part. This is a dangerous escalation of measures if it is introduced without any type of expiry clause in the legislation. How it would actually work has yet to be revealed, but people in France now have to produce ‘official papers’ if they want to break the lockdown. This creeping control of peoples’ lives must only be allowed for the duration of the pandemic. After all, my grandparents fought for six years to avoid people on the street being asked for their ‘papers’. We will need to keep an eye on that as much as the virus.

Today’s casualty stats make for grim reading

Total UK Cases of COVID-195,018
Total UK Deaths244
Total cases in my county11

In the meantime, I’ll continue to keep washing my hands, keeping my distance for others and trying my best to look after me and mine.

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