COVID-19 Pandemic

My Corona Diaries

We’re all living in crazy times and like many others, I’m having to spend a lot of time in my home alone. To stop me going mad I’m keeping what I’ve referred to as my ‘Corona Diaries’. You can see the entries on this page.

Lockdown road sign

The Lockdown – now is not the time to ease off

There has been a lot of talk over the weekend of easing the lockdown here in the U.K. Much of ...
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Boris' Home - Downing Street

Boris is back at the helm

Boris is back at work in 10 Downing Street after being felled by the virus. I'm not what difference that ...
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Mad Hatter

I’m going slightly mad as the lockdown continues

I don't know what other people are feeling, but I'm going mad with this lockdown. I never thought isolation would ...
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Summer sun on field

Has Summer finally arrived?

With all this sunny weather about my thoughts are drifting towards Summer. Is it safe to ay it has finally ...
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An Appeal to doorstep buskers

An appeal during lockdown

As the lockdown continues here in the UK, many people are struggle to find ways to get through the days ...
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Not another manic Monday – Still under lockdown

Well, Boris is out of hospital but no word yet as to whether he is back at work. As I ...
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Awake at Sunrise

Another night wide awake – who knows what timezone I’m in?

Easter Sunday has come around. It is the middle of the night and I'm wide awake. Again. Life on lockdown ...
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Easter - Weardale Sign

Easter Saturday in lockdown – another day inside

It is the Easter weekend. Good Friday has been and gone, and we're now into Easter Saturday. I am at ...
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Early on the way to the forest

Early Sunday Morning at the Forest

It is Sunday morning here in the UK and I am at my keyboard early, it's just gone. Normally I ...
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Saturday Lockdown - Empty Hallway

Saturday lockdown

It is Saturday and the casualty figures just keep going up. It is so sad to think that behind every ...
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