An interesting YouTube video – at last!

The Truth Proof video channel live streams are building up into a very interesting resource. Whilst I’m sure Paul, Les…

Light In Sky

Lights – I don’t know what I saw

People have seen strange lights for centuries. Some are easy to explain, aircraft navigation lights, communications satellites in low orbit….

I got mooned

It is something we see every single night, but take very little notice of, The Moon. Other than space missions,…

Shadow people

Shadow People: Do they really exist?

I’ve heard the term before, Shadow People. I’ve never seen one myself, but I know people who say they have….

Moon Through The Clouds

Did we land on the Moon?

It is a question that has been asked over the years and decades since the grainy pictures were beamed into…

RRH Staxton Wold

Staxton Wold

Nestling, quite inconspicuously in the Yorkshire Wolds, is Remote RADAR Head Staxton Wold. It is a RADAR facility operated by…

Dalek - Battle for the Allendalek

When the Daleks invaded Northumberland

Daleks have invaded Northumberland. The video below is the first installment about the Allendalek. For those who hadn’t heard of…

I know what I saw - UFO TV Banner

You know what you saw

You know the sort of moment when you’re asked a question and the first reply that comes to mind is…

The strange place of Bempton

Bempton Cliffs. It is a truly spectacular piece of coastline in East Yorkshire. The cliffs are huge which makes them…