Are the supply chains finally re-balancing?

Life finds a way

I went to the shops with a bit of a heavy heart this morning. Would they supply the things I was after? I wasn’t optimistic as I wasn’t one of the hardy souls that now queue up each day before 6am. If they had it, they had it. If not, I’d have to make do.

Supply chain - Empty Shelves

Imaging my surprise when I walked in and saw toilet rolls! It’s true. There they were on a pallet. I was down to my last roll at home so this was a welcome sight. Needless to say, I grabbed a pack. One pack. Only one pack. Trying to set an example of not putting the supply chain under pressure and not buying more than I needed. (I don’t anyone noticed, but it’s an integrity thing for me.) Wandering around the store there were noticeable gaps on the shelves still, particularly in the alcoholic drinks and cleaner aisles. I kind of expected both of those, particularly now the pubs have been closed. However, I wonder if the closure of pubs is an opportunity in disguise?

Could we collectively use this as opportunity to wean the country off its alcohol dependency?

It would be such an irony if a virus pandemic improved the long-term health of the country wouldn’t it?

As the days have passed, I wonder if peoples’ state of panic is subsiding? Are we all getting used to this new normal? I think that the supply chain is slowly re-balancing with the increased demand. It’s not perfect yet by any stretch of the imagination, but I think we’re seeing evidence of it getting there.

If people heed the clinical advice, keep their distance and their hands clean, we could see a fight back against the virus begin.

Today’s casualty stats show no new cases in my county. That could be a cause for optimism.

Total UK Cases of COVID-195,683
Total UK Deaths281
Total cases in my county11

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