An appeal during lockdown

As the lockdown continues here in the UK, many people are struggle to find ways to get through the days in this new way of confined living. We all have our own coping mechanism, some work well, others don’t. However, I’d like to make an appeal to one group of people who are doing their level best to raise their spirits and the spirits in their neighbourhood.

An Appeal to doorstep buskers

Doorstep entertainers have sprung up in communities across the countries. These people are of varying levels of talent, but they are united in trying to lift the hearts of their neighbours and putting a smile on their faces.

It is a fantastic initiative that provides a wonderful service to the community. However, timing of playing music and singing through powerful PA systems is critical.

Many key workers, by the very nature of their jobs, work shifts and have to provide 24/7 cover. Normally people on shifts work a rolling shift pattern and very quickly the concept of a ‘weekend’ is something that just happens to other people. Their weekend could be a Tuesday / Wednesday or even change each week on a standard calendar.

Eight hour shift patterns are quite common with early shifts often starting at 6am when the night shift knocks off. Some people have it even tougher and have to work twelve hour shifts.

So imagine you want to do your doorstep concert, but someone nearby works a night shift that finishes at 6am. It’ll be around 6:30am at the earliest that they get home. Allow time for a quick cup of tea before they fall into bed and give them another 30 minutes to wind down after their shift and get off to sleep. You’re looking at 7am at the earliest. It is recommended to get 8 hours sleep each day. (Yes, many can survive on less than that but do you really want people making critical decisions when they’re sleep deprived?) Allowing them eight hours sleep means a wake up time of 3pm. So if the doorstep concert starts at noon, there’s going to be a problem.

Equally, those on an early shift that starts at 6am may need to be up as early as 4am in order to get to work depending upon their commute distance. That means a sleep time of 8pm the previous evening, assuming they are to get eight hours of sleep. So a late evening doorstep concert could also be problematic.

So if you do intend to run music through a PA system in your community I’d make an appeal that you limit it to the hours of 3pm to 7pm. That gives a good four hour slot for you to entertain the neighbours and lift peoples’ spirits. I would also appeal to you to be mindful of the content of the music played. So of it may not be suitable for younger ear to hear.

Today’s COVID-19 casualty stats show 124 new cases in my county, since I last wrote here.

Total UK Cases of COVID-19,93,873
Total UK Deaths12,107
Total cases in my county690

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