A day inside

Well today I’m stuck inside. Like so many other people across the country during this virus pandemic. It is the third day in a row I have had to stay indoors as I’m not at work today and it is driving me nuts.

Inside a jail

The last couple of days seemed to fly by. Whether I was catching up on jobs around the house or in my favourite chair reading a book, the day passed quickly. Today it’s very different and I have no idea why. I’m the same person, in the same place, but in a very different frame of mind. Cabin fever has definitely set in.

That got me thinking about all the parents stuck at home with their children. They must be climbing the walls by now.

Thankfully I’m back at work tomorrow so I’ll be able to get out and about then, but I really could have done with a day in the forest today, instead of staying inside.

People seem to be generally good humoured today, but I do wonder how long that will last. I have heard online that the Police have started to stop drivers in a nearby town and questioned why they were travelling. This is an escalation that I think many people will not welcome.

Today’s casualty stats show 7 new cases in my county.

Total UK Cases of COVID-199,529
Total UK Deaths463
Total cases in my county25

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