Welcome to my little slice of the internet.

The chances are, if you have found this site you have arrived on the back of a link of a social media post relating to Unexplained Aerial Phenomena, the Paranormal, Cryptids or other events of High Strangeness.

Since childhood I have always loved a mystery. A problem to be analysed, researched and solved. That is reflected by the titles on my bookshelf and the entries on my browser’s bookmark list.

Unexplained Aerial Phenomena

Unexplained Aerial Phenomena, UAP, or UFOs as most of us call them have been an area of interest for me since I was a teenager.

I saw something in the sky I couldn’t explain, but I did not tell anyone or spend a great deal of time thinking about it.

It wasn’t until I started watching Gerry Anderson’s UFO that I began to think about the subject in more depth.

Since that first sighting, I have read countless books and spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours gazing at the sky. From Roswell to Rendlesham the world has been treated to unexplainable events, misidentifications and hoaxes. I would describe myself as an ‘open minded skeptic’. I think around 95% of all sightings have a down to earth explanation, the remaining 5% are the cases I am really interested in. As an ‘open minded skeptic’, I don’t think it is unreasonable to say we have insufficient information to form a conclusion, or to say that we simply ‘do not know’. However, that should never prevent further information being sought or continually trying to enhance our understanding of these events.


My interest in cryptids was spawned from my time in the Cub Scouts. On camping trips we would inevitably set up camps in or near woodlands, and camps meant campfires.

The age old tradition of telling stories to the group around the campfire whilst staring in to the dancing flames, kept us warm on the inside and sparked out imaginations. Going back through historical documents, there are numerous tales that tell us about ‘The Green Man’ or ‘The Wild Man’. I had always thought of them to be hermit-like people who had retreated into woods and forests to get away from it all. Yet today, there are those who believe there are Sasquatch or Bigfoot type creatures living in the U.K.

As with all of my areas of interest, I try to remain open minded and take a scientific type approach when dealing with a theory or hypothesis. I then rigorously test it. Sometimes we simply have to admit we do not have sufficient data or information to prove / disprove something conclusively. Until I do, it remains on the ‘to be investigated further’ shelf.

Never be afraid to admit, “I simply don’t know at the moment”.


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