Restrictions - Protective Mask

The restrictions ramp up

The restrictions have been ramped up today. North Yorkshire Police have introduced vehicle checkpoints to exercise new powers, questioning drivers…

Inside a jail

A day inside

Well today I’m stuck inside. Like so many other people across the country during this virus pandemic. It is the…

Sunny Day Staircase

Staying in on a sunny day

It is glorious outside. A nice bright sunny day and that warm Spring feeling. Any other time I would be…

Supply chain - Empty Shelves

Are the supply chains finally re-balancing?

Life finds a way I went to the shops with a bit of a heavy heart this morning. Would they…

Creeping on - laptop and mask

Creeping on – the virus keeps on spreading

Daily life continues – if different The spreading of COVID-19 is creeping on here in the U.K. Confirmed cases in…

Shopping Street

A new normal? – Shopping in the early hours

A trip out After a week of not being able to get the food shopping I wanted due to the…

local - office materials

Going Local – supporting independent businesses

I think it is fair to say the country is in crisis, though responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Local people…

Virus in petri dish

Preparedness – Is it too late to get started?

With all the trouble in the world today with the COVID-19 virsus spreading across the globe, I have been asked…

Light In Sky

Lights – I don’t know what I saw

People have seen strange lights for centuries. Some are easy to explain, aircraft navigation lights, communications satellites in low orbit….